Reds Clothing

Cowboy clothing have long history but are still utilized in the present among people who love the West. This type of clothing is responsible for developing an amazing heritage feeling that was experienced during the period when they were majorly used. During their introduction, cowboys were considered outfits representing special brotherhood. This is because cowboys majorly dressed and acted in the same way. However, all the people who wore cowboys possessed a special talent that made them unique. There are certain items that are part of the cowboy clothing and should be considered if one is planning to acquire them. They are described below.

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The twill shirt was one of the popular luxury shirts since it added a little colour to the overall outfit. It was lightweight and a comfortable option to wear during the summer months. Denim shirts were also popular due to their durability. The denim fabric used to manufacture the shirt is strong and provides adequate protection to the body. Long-sleeved designs were common among these designs in order to provide protection to the arms of the cowboy against brush scratches. They also prevented lariat ropes from rubbing on the skin of the arms.

The hats

Hats were considered to be the easiest way to identify a cowboy. This is occasioned by the fact that most cowboys had their hats on at all times except when they greeted a lady or went to sleep. They used these hats when handling some other purposes such as getting water from the stream feeding the horse and making signals. Cowboy hats have a wide brim to protect the face against the harmful and bright sunlight as well as heavy rainfall. They could be worn whether they were riding the horse or not.

The pants

Most of the pants worn by cowboys were made from either wool or denim. They are basically tough in order to survive the diverse effects encountered by cowboys whenever they are working in the rugged outdoor environment. The denim jean was common and is currently still being worn by many people. The jeans would be fitted to prevent it from getting caught in equipment. The inner parts of the jeans are made smooth and soft towards the legs to prevent the seams from rubbing against the legs and saddle as they ride on a horse.

Cowboy vests

Cowboys were popularly known to wear all colours of plain shirts except for red. A vest was then added on top of the shirt to store important things like compass, cigars and knives. They were majorly made from leather and could identify a cowboy at a very far distance.

Bandannas scarf

They also wore a scarf around the neck which was also referred to as "Bandannas". It was a multipurpose cowboy clothing that could be used for a variety of reasons such as blocking dust, blindfolding enemies, protecting against the effects of cold wind or protecting a wound in the event of an injury.


Leather boots were among the most popular pieces of the cowboy outfit. They were developed practically to fit into the busy schedule of a cowboy. The big heels allowed a firm grip while on the saddle and the pointed toes were beneficial in supporting a swift slide from the saddle.